Saturday, August 1, 2015

THE BIG JOB - Stealin' Back Everything

Miss me???

Yep, after a long lapse, I'm finally back again.  Considering I was in my 4th month of a job search, stopping in May for a while was just a pragmatic way of focusing.  Now that I'm gainfully employed again, I suppose it's time to get busy.

My dilemma is that during the intervening weeks since I last posted, so much "stuff" has happened in the USA and in the world that--without hyperbole--the good people of our ravaged earth have added about 10 times more things to steal back than at the beginning of Summer 2015.  Where, oh where, do I begin?

For examples, how about.......

   Stealin' Back Marriage?
   Stealin' Back Gender?
   Stealin' Back Hunting?
   Stealin' Back Law Enforcement?
   Stealin' Back The 1st Amendment?
   Stealin' Back Lots of Words?
   Stealin' Back (True) Privacy?
   Stealin' Back (True) Tolerance?
   Stealin' Back Civilized Discourse?
   Stealin' Back the Red Letters? 
         *(OK, I mean the words of Jesus in the 4 Gospels)
   Stealin' Back the Black Letters?
          *(Yeah, I mean all the rest of Scripture)
   Stealin' Back Satire?
   Stealn' Back Common Sense?
    .......... Stealin' Back                                ????
         *.......feel free to fill in the blank.

For the record, the prolific blogging of Matt Walsh (whom I like) has covered a lot of the ground I mention above, and that's good.  But Matt's approach is as cultural/political as it is Biblical, and I have a stated purpose of "Stealin' Back..." whatever I'm thieving based pointedly on the Biblical concept of redemption.  So, Lord willing, my contributions to making sense of the current reign of madness in the world will have a place.

With that, I invite any readers to suggest one or more of the "thefts" listed above, or to fill in that last blank with ideas on what Christ-followers need to steal back from the world as we head into the end of Summer and the beginning of the academic year.

Be back soon,
The Thief.

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