Thursday, March 5, 2015

Theft #2 - No Sign But the Cross!

I just figured out that there's no way to put my birthdate in the designated place in my profile without the website displaying my astrological sign and my Chinese year of birth. Since I am serious about Jesus Christ being the sole and only Lord of the universe and of my life, I obviously don't want any pagan superstition on my profile. So, you still get my year of birth in the more open "about me" section, but none of that "what's your sign" baloney. Since 1984, the only "sign" I claim allegiance to is the sign of the Cross. I'm stealin' the constellations back to declare the glory of God as Psalm 19 proclaims and the Book of Job implies. Want to know more? You can can look in the Book!

Grace and peace, 
The Thief

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