Friday, March 6, 2015

Untheft (Sideways glancing) - Hard to Keep Up, In'nit?

It's hard to keep a blog going. If I'm supposed to be "stealin' back" bits and pieces of God's creation for Him, I have to fight the inertia that settles in which keeps me from even writing this much. It is a sort of "time," or lack of it, or misplaced use of it, which is "stealin" my energy and ability to keep this thing going.

Then there's the issue of finding readers, getting links, etc, etc, etc; it's a lot of work to improvise a blog intelligently, and to stick to the stated purpose.

I think I need God to steal back some time and energy for me. That will probably require me to ask for His help, if indeed He even wants me to do this thing. I think that's called prayer, and specifically prayer according to His will. And, quite naturally (or supernaturally), to find His will I must seek His Word: in graphe, in rhema, and ultimately in logos; or--in English, roughly: in His writings, in His utterances, and in His, His . . . well, in the essence of His absolute Word/Reason which contains more that what He writes and speaks, and which the apostle John actually equates with God Himself. That's a tuffy . . . 

BTW, I think I will continue to use the term "Untheft" in the title whenever I am doing this bit of self-examination; this bit of walking alongside my life and glancing over at it, rather than being immersed in it and living it. God can do both, but I just twist my neck, and my mind.

The Thief

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