Thursday, March 5, 2015

Theft #3 - More About the Blog Title + a New Link

  • I got some feedback on my 2nd post from a Christian brother and friend (yes, he is actually both). He goes by the web name "Mr. Bevets" and his website link has now been added to the "...Steal Back Theology" links section. My purpose in mentioning this is not to answer or highlight his comment, but to highlight Mr. Bevets. For one thing, he was my personalinspiration for the title of this blog. I've already explained about the U2 connection to the title, obviously Bono is not a personal friend of mine (although he is a Christian brother).
  • Anyway, Mr Bevets sent out an email that dealt with his visit to the new Creation Science Museum down near Cinci, OH, and his subject on the email was "Charles Darwin stole the dinosaurs. Now we're stealin' 'em back," which I think was brilliant cultural parody and also very cool "flattery by imitation." That one email ended up generating a fervent email debate (about 60 emails at last count) back and forth between about 5 of us, all of whom are Christians, and all but one of whom are Young Earth (or Recent Earth) Creationists. I've known Bevets for 18 years, and he's had his own website for about 12-15 years, and for the last 5 or so years he's been bugging me to get a blog started focusing on--well--pretty much things I have said this blog will be about. So, he's clearly happy that I've finally done it, and I'm happy that he's given me my first comment. I really am a "callow youth" in the realm of blogging, so I'll be tapping his experience, (along with Google help) to get this thing set up right.
  • One final thing about comments ("feedback"): I noted that Mr Bevets left a comment; however, I won't be replying to that on this blog, In fact, very rarely will I reply to comments/feedback with another blog post. In the case of someone I know (like Bevets), I'll get back to them by private email; in the case of folks I don't know, you're welcome to comment, and I will read them, but I don't intend this blog to be a "forum" or "group" type situation. When I want that, I'll form a Google Group.
  • ****EXCEPTIONS to the above policy will happen: 1) if you add comments with foul language, or 2) you leave comments that are vehemently anti-Christian. Foul language will not be tolerated, and such comments will be deleted ASAP. If that ever gets out of hand, I'll have to switch on the "moderator" control. Anti-Christian comments that are just sheer blasphemy will also be deleted without an answer. However, intelligent comments from those who reject Christianity--in rare instances--may provoke a new blog post relating to the issue (but not necessarily a direct answer or refutation of the comment).
--Grace and peace,
The Thief

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